Why Stand vs Sit?

Why Stand vs Sit?

Sit-stand desks are all the rage these days, but do you know why?

Scientific studies have shown that our modern sedentary lives are killing us. We’re sitting now more than ever and this is increasing our risk for obesity, heart disease, dementia, diabetes and even early death.

So how can you remedy this situation? By continuing to make healthy food choices and partake in daily activity, while also introducing more standing into your life. Why sit all day at an uncomfortable desk when you can stand?

Having the option of standing at your desk can benefit your life in so many ways, including:
Reduction of back pain
One study of 23 office workers who alternated between sitting at their desks and standing found that there was a 31.8% reduction in back pain. We could all use a little less back pain in our lives.

Increased comfort
By using ergonomic furniture, you get more support in places like your back, wrists and neck and therefore have less stress on your joints.

Increase in energy levels
In one controlled study, 87% of people who stood during their work days reported increased energy. This may be due to their increase in mood, as it has been shown that sitting for long periods of time has been linked to depression and anxiety.

Lowered risk of weight gain + obesity
Simply choosing to stand instead of sitting burns more calories than just sitting. Why not have the option of making healthier choices?

Increased creativity
Increased blood flow means more creativity. More creativity means a more productive work day!

Improved mood
Of course if your body is feeling good, your mood is going to be better!

Of course, many of these benefits are optimized by including an anti-fatigue mat into the mix. With that in tow, who knows where the limits are to your health?