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Founded in 2007

United Canada inc. was established in Ontario in 2007, with visions of becoming a leading force in the Canadian market through trade and exporting. Starting by selling Ergonomic Height-Adjustable furniture for Children and Adults, United Canada quickly became a popular source for commercial businesses and family homes to find quality, affordable, and innovative furniture and home solutions. Our Electric Sit – Stand Desk and Ergonomic Desk Chairs revolutionized offices across the GTA while our Height-Adjustable Desk and Chair Sets helped hundreds of children across Canada with their studies, through ergonomically designed furniture that makes it easy work – no matter your age.

New Location

United Canada Inc. moved into our first office located in Scarborough, where we focused on building our brand and getting our product into the homes of happy Canadians. Starting with a team of only 2 people, UCI worked round the clock in order to make a name for ourselves and were able to grow enough to move to another larger office space and continue to expand.

First Showroom

In October of 2018 we reached our second large milestone and moved into a larger office space, combined with a showroom to showcase all of our innovative & fresh furniture solutions. A larger office space also meant space for a larger team, and shortly after moving in we wasted no time in hiring additional employees with plans already in the works.


Once settled into the new office, the new and improved team shifted focus to a whole other world of products – electrical accessories. While maintaining the furniture side of the business, United Canada also started sourcing and manufacturing electrical outlets, light switches, light fixtures, and similar products, which were then exported to various countries across the Middle East and Europe. Clients responded to the sleek, stylish, and easy to use accessories with great enthusiasm, and soon after United Canada Inc. was on track to produce and distribute thousands of lights fixtures and electrical accessories across the globe.

COVID-19 Response

News of the pandemic and following lockdowns quickly spread panic for small business owners across Ontario. Many of them quickly jumped into action forming plans to add PPE to their inventory in order to supply Canadians with the protective equipment, something that was becoming increasingly more difficult to find due to a rapid increase in demand. We started connecting with PPE manufacturers across Ontario, sourcing out high-quality Canadian MasksHand SanitizersFace Shields and other PPE to help meet the demand, gradually becoming one of Canada’s leading PPE suppliers. In addition to sourcing out the material and adding it to our inventory, UCI obtained a Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL), meaning that we are legally permitted to sell Medical – grade PPE to the public. Our MDEL # is 12243.

New Manufacturing Facility

Now with new operations underway, UCI faced another challenge – who was going to run it all? This lead to our third staff expansion, and we hired a team of 6 trained professionals with background knowledge of manufacturing to run all operations. Since January, we have been manufacturing our own brand of Level 3 Medical Masks (purchase them here), and are constantly working to strive for excellence – something that is reflected in our top-rated product.



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