Humble Beginnings​

From humble beginnings to becoming a staple in the Canadian PPE Market – we could not have done it without you, our valued customers.


Our Story

United Canada Inc. has been proudly serving Canadians since 2007, with visions of becoming a leading force in the Canadian market though trade and exporting. UCI started out by selling innovative Ergonomic and Height-Adjustable Office and Kids furniture, quickly becoming a favorite among businesses and homes across the GTA.

Upon establishing ourselves within the furniture e-commerce market, United Canada shifted focus to exporting products to other parts of the world. We began manufacturing electrical outlets, light switches and fixtures, and other electrical accessories to the Middle East, Africa and Europe. In early 2020 we had the opportunity to attend Light Middle East, one of the largest tradeshows within the lighting industry, and was able to showcase our product to potential partners and clients alike. While the exporting side of the business grew, back in Canada the focus was on expanding our product selection as well as our outreach, expanding to not only service customers across Canada but also the United States.

Our Mission​

For years United Canada Inc’s mission has been to supply Canadians with high quality ergonomic and adjustable furniture, however in recent years our overall mission and core values have evolved and broadened. While we still strongly believe in quality products, we have found that oftentimes it is not enough to provide customers with an extraordinary shopping experience, something that we strive for with each and every customer who visits our website. This is why we aim for quality across the board, whether we are sourcing out new products, producing our own products, or seeking out new opportunities to partner with various companies and organizations across Canada. United Canada Inc. is dedicated to not only providing a high-quality product to customers, but instead building a brand centered around honesty, transparency, and compassion, because here at UCI we believe that customers go beyond the screen.

Over the next few years, we pledge to maintain our standard of excellence while consistently pushing for more – because at United Canada, we believe you deserve the best.

Medical Industry

United Canada Inc. pivoted our business in March of 2020 in response to demand created by the spread of COVID-19. With the pandemic disrupting global trade supply chains, we decided to turn to our Canadian and American neighbors for help procuring products that would help keep our community safe. We started out by purchasing Canadian-made masks and other PPE, and sourcing out clients in the healthcare field (as there was a desperate need for supplies at the time). Over time, importing products once again became a viable option and many companies resorted to their old business models. United Canada made the conscious decision to continue working with our North American suppliers, even when expanding into manufacturing, because we understand the importance of supporting local business. Our masks have a completely North American supply chain – from the material we use to create the mask to the packaging that it is shipped in, because it is important to us to support Canadian businesses in any way we can.

UCI continued to address gaps in the market where there was a need for quality Canadian products, adding more branches (such as safety products, healthcare and beauty, toys & educational games) to our inventory and furthering our goal of making Canadian products affordable and accessible to Canadians all across Canada. Taking advantage of our new North American suppliers, we have expanded our inventory by over 900% since the start of 2020. We would like to thank all of our Canadian suppliers for the hard work and effort they put into making products to keep us safe – and for being such a pleasure to work with. Here’s to working with our neighbors, our community, our friends to provide you with products you can feel good about purchasing.



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