MedPro Defense Haigh Quattro Vanguard Macerator

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MedPro Defense Haigh Quattro Vanguard Macerator
MedPro Defense Haigh Quattro Vanguard Macerator
Regular price $23,398.20 CAD

Designed to put the nurse in control...

Designed and built today for the years to come

The MedPro Defense® Haigh Quattro® Vanguard is an effective and reliable macerator that safely disposes of up to four single-use disposable pulp items.

Free-flowing drains

The MedPro Defense® Haigh Quattro® Vanguard keeps your drains flowing as it releases pulp gradually, throughout its cycle, through tiny slots in the bottom of the drum. These stop large particles or foreign objects passing into the drain.

And, at the precise moment in the cycle when the most pulp is discharged, the MedPro Defense® Haigh Quattro Vanguard diverts some of the water from the drum to flush the drain outlet and keep it flowing freely.

This action is such a fundamental part of Quattro Vanguard's reliable performance we've taken the trouble to patent it. We call it Premium Flow.

Free from the build-up of bacteria

A new benchmark for Macerator Infection Control

Quattro Vanguard's smooth, curved surfaces are free from dirt traps and are easy to wipe clean. Because of its compact size it can also be positioned away from the walls making it easy to clean all around.

And, as its ABS plastic and rubber surfaces have built-in Biomaster silver anti-bacterial technology, it has lifetime protection against the growth of bacteria.

Leading the Quiet Revolution

Modern hospitals are busy, noisy places. However, a good sleep is an essential part of your patients' recovery so you need as much quiet as possible during the night. Quattro Vanguard helps you achieve this as it's the only macerator with a Night Mode function. When it's on, this clever feature makes Quattro Vanguard twice as quiet as any other macerator.

Quieter by Design

A typical pulp macerator operates at 60-65 dB. This is equivalent to normal conversation within three feet, so at night this will undermine your patients’ sleep quality.

To cut Quattro Vanguard's operating noise levels our design engineers have used several strategies, from the introduction of new swept impeller blades, to anti-resonance pads and improved water management.

Introducing Night Mode

All these changes mean Quattro Vanguard is now the quietest macerator on the market – only 54 dB in Night Mode.

The CQC (Care Quality Commission, an independent regulator of all health and social care services in England), in a recent report shows 40% of patients have concerns about noise levels in hospitals so you can actually help your nursing staff make sure their patients have a good night's sleep with Quattro Vanguard.

Safe and easy to use

  • Light touch, controlled opening and closing with foot pedal for hands-free use
  • Wide hopper for safe loading
  • Automatic start on closing
  • Safe for use with any pulp products
  • Even pressure around the lid seal stops leaks of liquid, aerosols or odor

Supports patient comfort

  • As quiet as a shower running


  • Cold water only
  • Less than two minutes per cycle

Quick and easy to service

  • Access from top and front
  • Clear LCD panel for instant fault finding and quick fault fixing

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