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ACTIVE SURGICAL AND MEDICAL MASK – ASTM F2100 LEVEL 3 MASK BY TRIOMED – Masque chirurgical et médical actif TrioMed

(72 customer reviews)
  • Surgical and medical masks
  • Dimensions S/M: 16 cm x 8.6 cm
  • Dimensions M/L: 17.5 cm x 9.5 cm
  • Does NOT contain Graphene
  • Meets USA ASTM F2100 Level 3
  • Recommended for Health Professionals
  • Meets EU EN 14683 Type IIR
  • Only for Canadian customers

CAD 4.99CAD 24.99



Test Type Value
ASTM Test Standard Level 3
VFE 99%
BFE 99%
Type EN 14683 IIR


  • TrioMed Active Surgical and Medical Mask with antimicrobial protection. The outer layer is activated with TrioMed’s antimicrobial technology which decontaminates harmful pathogens that may come in contact with its external surface.
  • Ear-loop design offering great comfort for extended periods of time
  • Latex free, non-cytotoxic and non-irritating
  • Meets EU EN 14683 Type IIR
  • Meets USA ASTM F2100 Level 3
  • Packaging: 50 masks/box & 5 masks/pouch
  • Dimensions: 17.4cm W, 9.7cm H
  • 5 year shelf life

Our goal is to provide affordable and certified medical masks to everyone so that you can stay healthy and protected. You deserve the best protection out there and we can help with that. Our focus is also on supplying medical masks to hospitals, clinics and long term care facilities throughout North America. Together, we can make the world a better place.

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72 reviews for ACTIVE SURGICAL AND MEDICAL MASK – ASTM F2100 LEVEL 3 MASK BY TRIOMED – Masque chirurgical et médical actif TrioMed

  1. Nancy

    Great product. Product arrives on time and always offering sales deals.

  2. Linda

    Customer service went above and beyond to email me and give me a substitute for the masks that were on back order.. the masks are great.

  3. Lynne

    These masks are highly breathable but are much too large to fit my face. This is the first time that I face this issue with M-L size masks. The elastic is very flimsy and breaks / stretches when I tried to make the mask more snug. . I purchase this product to go to the gym and haven’t been able to wear for that purpose since they are very loose at the side. Not sure I would recommend.

  4. Christine

    These masks are comfortable. I purchased the 5pak to try them out. I saw discolored spots on the inside of the mask (like wet spots) after wear. I am wanting to know what is the antibacterial made from?? I did wear this mask to a funeral and it did absorb my tears. I wish the 5 pack also came in both sizes so I could fit my mom’s little face better and make a decision when I order the larger box of 50. Overall I feel confident in these masks and the cost is in my budget.

  5. Rebekah

    Have brought before but stronger in string. Recent shipment string too soft and thinner then before.

  6. Judy Lo

    Masks are soft & fit well. This is my 3rd order & I find this is the most comfortable one when compare with other brand. Shipping fast, good handling. Very satisfied.

  7. Steve

    Comfortable masks and great service

  8. Siggy

    Excellent masks and quick delivery – thank you

  9. Tom M

    Smaller than other masks; otherwise it’s more comfortable than other masks

  10. BStJ

    The masks were delivered in a timely manner, however I find the material to be a bit flimsy compared to other level 3 masks I’ve purchased in the past. For example, the wire that holds the mask at the bridge of the nose tends to puncture the fabric and becomes exposed when molding it to the nose.

  11. Camille Yu

    Fast delivery. These masks are very comfortable to wear. Hope they will be back in stock soon. I would like to purchase a couple of more boxes.

  12. We Wear Masks

    Great service, great company, great products!

  13. John Rydzewski

    Got them promptly. Quality seems good.
    Nothing to indicate N95 or KN95 quality – just says surgical quality. Happy to support Canadian operation.

  14. Bernice Christo

    I was disappointed with the quality of the product. It is very light and flimsy. When you put it to the light, you see right through. I can’t see how this can protect me from anything. I don’t believe this was made in Canada.
    Writing on the box says ” The product helps protect against certain particulate contaminants but does not eliminate exposure to or risk of contracting the disease or infection.” Very disappointing!!!!!

  15. Bruce

    Very good…excellent product and dely as promised. I am not yet convinced this “Best Value” deal available based on price?

  16. Trish Grabb

    Had bought this previously and very satisfied. However a recent order had a chemical smell. Contacted customer service who were very open to the comments and said they would get back to me with whether I should use them or not. That was yesterday and I will await their contact.

  17. Violeta

    The best mask made in Canada.I use this mask for long time Thanks for the price now I can buy more It’s high qualities and using double layer give me good protection

  18. Fanny

    The mask is comfortable and fit well, it also provides best protection against Covid.

  19. LR

    Great product and top-class customers service. FexEd messed up the shipping, but United Canada customers service representative Nabihah was most professional, courteous and effective in solving the shipping problem caused by FedEx and getting the masks to me ASAP. Highly recommended.

  20. Catherine in Victoria BC

    These microbial masks made in Canada fit well and are possible to wear constantly for an 8 hour workday. Plus, they offer the best protection against Covid. Purchasing them here allowed us to get enough for daily use as we navigate back-to-work mandates (despite variants and ineffective vaccines).

  21. Liz

    I now own 4 1/2 boxes of these wonderful masks. I placed my fourth or fifth order just tonight after learning of the Omicron variant inevitably headed our way in the near future. I have alternated between wearing a specially-designed cloth mask with antimicrobial copper fibers and the externally-treated Triomed masks, which are my favorite. I cant say enough good things about dealing with United Canada. Boy, they could certainly teach some US companies a thing or two about excellence in sales and customer service. Thanks neighbors!

  22. P. Godin

    Purchased 8 boxes of 50 masks size M/L and 2 boxes 50 masks size S/M and we are completely pleased with the breathe-ability of the material, the small word “OUT” printed on the outside to confirm correct placing on the face, and excellent fit for regular sized faces (M/L) and for children or smaller sized adults (S/M). N-99 instead of N-95 also! Fast shipping, friendly and helpful staff online; Oray Colak.

  23. Summer Ho

    excellent masks

  24. Brighton

    I continue to buy from United Canada because (a) they are Canadian, (b) ease of on-line ordering, (c) quick, reliable delivery, (d) customer-responsive staff.

  25. Paul

    level 3 all right. keeps out larger particles. when taking mask off, can smell that the ambient air is different; even in smokey conditions.

    not sure about aerosols, but do use universal precautions. if really concerned,,then I double mask with cotton.

    found out the s/m fits best. nice and tight.
    not made in china.

  26. France

    J’adore ces masques .
    Livraison très rapide et gratuite.
    Très bon service.

  27. pinkblue09s

    Triomed is my trusted medical mask. I have been wearing Triomed since beginning of the Pandemic. It is very soft to the skin and it is breathable.
    I used to wear it for 8 hours and it does not irritate my skin on my face.

  28. paula gill

    wonderful i feel much safer, shipping was fast, just what we ordered

  29. SpecialNeedsMom

    These seem comfortable and well made, but aren’t as resistant to moisture as the kids ones we purchased here: The S/M yellow masks are just a little bit bigger than the kids size, but the ear elastics are much longer, so we have to tie them shorter for our 11 year old. Overall the blue children’s level 3 surgical masks on this site last much longer before the moisture becomes an issue.

  30. annalisa

    Excellent masks, on my third order, and grateful that they are made in Canada. As long as the quality stays the same, I will continue to order
    Thank you

  31. Cheryl Lohnes

    A great product – very comfortable, especially for work and knowing
    the safety that comes with these masks provides a little bit of extra stress
    relief. Thanks United Canada, you have our backs…

  32. Linda C

    Excellent masks. Fit well and I’m relying on the study that says they are effective at killing bacteria and viruses because of a product of their surface. Also, United Canada has excellent customer service! The best!

  33. ilovegreyhounds1

    I cannot say enough about this company. The masks are top quality, the customer service has been amazing, and they are extremely fast lrocessing and shipping orders, and stand behind their products. I have order multiple orders of masks from United Canada and will continue to do so. Recommend United Canada and any masks highly!

  34. Happy with mask

    Great mask, easy to breathe and fast shipping

  35. Chris

    Love them. So comfortable. I have a big ass head and all the others masks were hurting my ears. Not these :)

  36. Sacha del Sol

    Very speedy delivery. High quality mask

  37. Brigitte Beaudry

    I received the product rapidly and I really like the fit around my face with this quality mask.

  38. GERRY i.

    Great level 3 masks. IF YOU WEAR GLASSES you can wind the elastic around each arm for COMFORT.
    If elastic becomes untied, you can retie it using the tip of a ball point pen through the hole.

  39. Joan Wilson

    Three layer masks from CANADA. Wonderful.
    Received in a timely fashion.

  40. Rose

    Thanks so much, United Canada for sending the masks so quickly. They were exactly what I expected. A quality product.

  41. Melissa

    Very satisfied with the fit and quality of this mask.

  42. Caridad Fernando

    Masks arrived in good time, fit was comfortable. I didn’t know that there were different sizes for adults but I’m satisfied with what I bought. I feel extra protected with the mask having the outer coating . I use this special mask when I go out shopping or to places where there might be a lot of people. I don’t feel any discomfort in breathing with the mask on and it doesn’t feel hot, unlike the thicker surgical masks.

  43. Cristy

    The mask are great, fit well the shipping super fast!!! Thank you!!!

  44. Cherie Mason

    Great masks! My experience purchasing from United Canada was excellent. There was a minor glitch in the shipping and their response was prompt and their explanation was thorough. Really good customer service. These masks are great, frankly, and it is hard to describe how much more comfortable they are than other masks. They are thinner, which is good, since we are relying on the extra layer of protection.

  45. Zhaoyang Wang

    Buy TWICE! Action is more convincing than words.

  46. Mary Olson

    Loved the quick delivery- masks too.

  47. Eileen

    Very happy with masks.
    Glad it has the added protection.
    Fast delivery and service.

  48. Marvin Sigler

    There are no instructions for use (on outside) of package. Called to ask how long mask can be worn before changing and if it kills Covid virus. Staff did not know and gave me number to call at manufacturer. Someone there said I would get a call back but I did not. I think a vendor should know basic facts about merchandise they sell, so I took off one star. Haven’t used it yet. Bbought masks for use on airplane next week.

  49. Asong

    A mask could give us sense of ease and hopefully, everyone could benefit from it.

  50. Grateful MD

    Excellent service and great pro

  51. Soo-Lai

    The masks are a perfect fit. They provide an extra protection especially if you are immune compromised. The delivery was fast. I certainly will reorder these.

  52. Tam

    Placed my 2nd order with United Canada. Such fantastic service from this company! The times I’ve had questions & emailed the employees were so kind & replied back quickly.

    100% recommend the masks I purchased. The level 3 mask & the Triomed masks. They fit well are breathable & best of all they protect my Mom so she can still stay active. If she happens to pass by someone & can’t distance she’s got the best protection possible.

  53. Sue

    Very good, very speedy, quicker than expected!

  54. Ottawa Teacher

    Fast delivery. The masks are very comfortable and easy to breath through. They are not scratchy at all. Excellent masks made in Canada!

  55. Duncan Campbell

    Was tipped off by my son about the TrioMed masks and the extra layer of protection. Having tried other masks, I can say the masks are most comfortable and afford a greater feeling of protection as well as safety to others. Convenience of having the 50 pack box allows me to always having a mask at the ready. Shipping and delivery was timely and appreciated.

  56. Bernadette Gasslein

    Excellent service and quality.

  57. Rebecca

    My high school kid had been using TrioMed masks for school days since Sept, TrioMed masks M/L are always a bit loose , but had no problem till this order, ear straps came off from mask and fell during class time , good thing she has cloth mask in her backpack to replace.
    When I compare masks from last order, ear straps are much thinner now. Anyway Unites Canada can contact TrioMed and let them know ?
    Other than that, it’s a great mask to have .

  58. Dale Campbell.

    Fantastic service from UCinc arrived faster than originaly predicted. I’ve researched these masked before purchasing and are confirmed to do what they’re made to do. Purchased them for my 84 yr mother which i hope will give her a little confidence when she has to go out for medical appointments. Have worn these before and there is a little odor but you get used to it quickly. Hope everyone realizes that these universal fit so they will not always fit perfect, but the trade-off is protection

  59. Keane

    I’m rating the service I received from United Canada. I haven’t tried the masks yet but I’m hoping they work as advertised.

  60. Linda Pittaway

    Fast service and pleasant helpful employees

  61. Susan I Grant

    Fast delivery. Masks are as advertised. Would be great if a S/M size was available but the M/L can be adjusted for a smaller face by knotting the ear loops.

  62. Jane

    The masks were delivered very fast. I have a high level of confidence in the efficacy of the masks. There is a slight smell but it is worth it to feel safer than with other masks.

  63. Karen

    I have been using these masks for a few weeks now. They are easy to breath through, M/L full face coverage. Glasses will fog outside but nose band is easily adjusted and comfortable. Peace of mind is invaluable, I bought the box and I am reusing the 5 piece package to store them in my car. Fast shipping was a bonus. TYVM .

  64. Luc Paquet

    Very good and really fast delivery.

  65. Elizabeth List

    I love love love these masks! I was so excited to read about this miraculous innovation in July but the manufacturer, was not shipping them to the USA, where I live. I was finally able to order them two weeks ago from United Canada Inc. and wow, what an impressive transaction. The package was here —- across the border—- in less than a week! The masks themselves are the most comfortable I’ve worn so far. The nose clip is easy to adjust, and there are no mask gaps on sides, chin or cheeks. The ear loops are generous and very gentle feeling. These masks are quite soft yet feel very secure without causing breathing issues. Coupled with their fantastic anti-microbial properties, these masks provide an ideal combination of comfort and safety. Buy them with confidence!

  66. Danielle

    Great products, fast delivery and you get what you ask for.

  67. Busy mom

    This is a great facemask! Fits well and is soft. The antiviral properties are definitely an added bonus during our pandemic. I think it is a great deal that you can buy them in packs of 5 OR a box of 50 for the SAME unit price! Congrats to the University of Toronto for coming up with the antiviral coating! Also the free shipping was much appreciated.

  68. michael

    Very satisfied with the product and quick shipping. I will continue to purchase product from United Canada.

  69. Linda McDonald

    Speedy delivery. Great masks but mine are pretty big …M/L. Did not realize there are different sizes. But I love the masks and I have figured out how to adjust them for a more effective fit. Many thx.

  70. Cindy Morton

    Great mask bring down price


    Excellent Masks. Fast delivery

  72. Baback

    Great masks!

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