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3M Aura Health Care Particulate Respirator And Surgical Mask 1870+, N95

(76 customer reviews)
  • NIOSH approved N95
  • Not made from natural rubber latex
  • Three-panel, flat-fold disposable respirator
  • Adjustable nose clip, three panel design fits a wide range of face shapes and sizes
  • Meets CDC guidelines for M. tuberculosis exposure control FDA cleared for use as a surgical mask

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This health care N95 particulate respirator and surgical mask has comfortable inner materials and helps provide respiratory protection against certain airborne particles. The individually packaged flat fold design allows for convenient storage prior to use.

It meets CDC guidelines for M. tuberculosis exposure control. As a disposable particulate respirator, it is intended to reduce wearer exposure to certain airborne particles including those generated by electrocautery, laser surgery, and other powered medical instruments. As a surgical mask, it is designed to be fluid resistant to splash and spatter of blood and other infectious materials.


  • NIOSH approved N95
  • Meets CDC guidelines for M. tuberculosis exposure control FDA cleared for use as a surgical mask
  • > 99 (omit:5)% BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) according to ASTM F2101
  • Highest level of fluid resistance according to ASTM F1862 at 160 mm Hg
  • Not made from natural rubber latex
  • 3M proprietary filter media is designed for ease of breathing
  • Soft nose foam and smooth inner materials feel comfortable against the skin
  • User Instructions


  • Sculpted top panel helps conform to nose and eye contours of the face allowing more room for eyewear
  • Embossed top panel helps reduce eyewear fogging
  • Sculpted nose panel helps improve field of vision
  • Adjustable noseclip helps provide a custom, secure seal
  • Innovative chin tab designed for ease of positioning, donning and adjustment


  • Operating Rooms, Clinics, TB Wards
  • Patient Care, Labor and Delivery, Infection Control Practices
  • Laboratory emergency or pandemic preparedness planning, stockpiling, etc.

WARNING: These respirators help reduce exposures to certain airborne contaminants. Before use, the wearer must read and understand the User Instructions provided as a part of the product packaging.

76 reviews for 3M Aura Health Care Particulate Respirator And Surgical Mask 1870+, N95

  1. R.Cross

    An excellent protective N95 mask, the very best available, and also the most comfortable. Highly recommended.

  2. Arthur Hastings

    Product was received as ordered and on time.

  3. S.E.

    Most comfortable, reliable N95 for small-medium sized faces. An easy choice for COVID-19, RSV, influenza, etc. Far superior to an ASTM Level 1-3 medical mask. Outcome matters. Although fit test required for workplaces, this respirator is a durable, effective choice for those who do not have fit testing. I often cycle through these and re-use them every 5-7 days. Perfect for indoor activities (e.g., groceries, malls, doctors appointments, school, etc.). Fits well with certain goggles or glasses. Highly recommend.

  4. GK

    Great masks and excellent service! I will certainly order more in the future.

  5. Lois

    Great masks, very easy to breathe, and no fogging if you wear glasses.

  6. Donna Kay

    Great fitting masks for my small face.. They fit well. Easy to breathe with them on. The fact that they are medical masks make me feel more secure wearing them. I ordered my second batch recently and noted the price has increased, but still the best price for these types of mask. Great dealing with United Canada. It took me quite a lot of investigating before I initially ordered my first batch. With the second I did not hesitate at all. Excellent service.

  7. Allie

    These are my favourite masks to wear all day at work. They provide a great seal (awesome for peeps who wear glasses, like me – no fog!), and are way more comfortable than any other mask I’ve tried.
    Shipped and arrived quickly, and even came with a couple bonuses as a thank you. Will definitely order again!

  8. Jan Moleski

    These are excellent masks. They are a bit uncomfortable for a larger face, so stretch the bands as much as possible before wearing. If there was a size large, I would buy.

    Just a personal thing, but I don’t like the look of the staple on the side of the mask. This is trumped by the quality.

  9. SW

    Great fitting 3M N95 masks made in USA, affordable price for quality of product and quick (free) shipping. Can’t be beat! Will order again.

  10. EN

    These have kept us safe for months. We have shared with friends and relatives.
    Excellent service, super-fast shipping. The best source for these top-rated masks I have found in Canada.

  11. Sheila

    Good price, no HST, quick shipping. 3M Aura 1870+ are the masks we wear in high risk situations – comfortable and effective.

  12. CJ

    Excellent masks.

  13. KimU

    Excellent Product. Excellent Prompt Service. Thank you!

  14. Cathleen

    Great fit. I was able to purchase in multiples of 20 (I purchased 100) nd shared them with friends.Shipping was also very fast.

  15. Beth

    Good product and comfy to wear. Elastic on this one better than another style we had gotten.

  16. Dan Power

    Wonderful masks. I use them regularly to protect others and myself.
    Great service and so quick
    Thank you so much

  17. JohnB

    Excellent all round Fast ship quality products

  18. Dr Gotham Clements

    As a physician I had used these same N95 masks at my hospital. I ordered a box of 20 for home use and they were delivered in a timely way and in good condition. They were also reasonably priced.

  19. Cathy

    I was fit-tested for this model when working and was pleased to find the same model available to purchase for personal use. Comfortable and breathable.

    I have been ordering from United Canada since 2020 . Very pleased with the service and quick delivery.

  20. MCS

    These masks are the best. I feel much safer when wearing this mask. It’s the only mask I wear now. Highly recommend.

  21. RH

    Excellent product. Excellent service. Thank you!

  22. Helene

    These are the best masks I have purchased to date. The style provides a very good fit on all sides. (no gaping spaces). The foam in the nose piece is very comfortable and I find that my glasses do not fog up. Plus, this mask is breathable and I feel secure wearing it.

  23. Moira Keigher

    These are excellent masks. I have been using them while flying and I feel very secure. As someone who wears glasses I appreciate that they have a great seal around the nose. United Canada went above and beyond to deliver a box to my semi-rural vacation rental in BC. Thank-you!

  24. mcjnowak

    Best mask you can buy, great service fast delivery.

    100% satisfied
    I will order more.
    Bought the 20 pack

  25. Colin

    Excellent quality respirator, fits perfectly, by trusted manufacturer. Great service by United Canada.

  26. MV

    Excellent masks, excellent service.

  27. Fiona

    Most comfortable mask I’ve worn. I was worried about the rubber elastics on my hair, but they are fine.
    Super fast delivery and best price I could find.

  28. IW

    Excellent product, price & service!

  29. Geoffrey GOODWIN

    Great service for the 3m 1870+ masks which I got for a family member under going Chemo at a great price box a box of twenty .

  30. Shane

    These are great masks but having to wait 4 months for them to be delivered is not a good solution.

  31. Alex

    Ordered in January and got masks last week (May 2nd). I’d written off my payment as a poor choice. It would have been nice to get some updates re delivery. Happy with masks. Glad they sell in small quantities. Good quality but too small for me so I wear a cloth mask over N95 to tighten the fit.

  32. pnowak

    Exceptional Customer Sales and Service team at United. I received my 3M Aura 1870+ masks and wearing these quality and legitimate products provide the safety and peace of mind I needed. Also have ordered and received my 9205+ from United and equally impressed from start to finish. Thank you United!

  33. Paul

    Exceptional customer sales and service by United Canada staff. The masks are of the highest quality with the integrity of being a legitimate 3M product. I appreciate all that was done to fufill my order. Thank you.

  34. Janette Norton

    LOVE these masks! VERY comfortable and breathable. Customer service provided by United Canada represents “service excellence”!!

  35. Sandra

    5 starts to UC for their service.

    0 stars to UPS who have not delivered my package, which was mailed on Jan 25th. They cannot even confirming having located it still – Feb.8th. Please reach out to me 🙁

  36. T.A.P.

    Excellent quality masks.

  37. JW

    Great customer service and very pleased to buy goood masks made in Canada.

  38. JW

    Great customer service and very pleased to buy good masks made in Canada.

  39. carol

    Excellent mask. Ordered something similar from Amazon and they are not nearly as good as these ones. They fit tightly, and fit both myself and my husband.

  40. Rachel

    Thank you for selling these in smaller quantities! I’ve been looking everywhere for some decent N95 masks, but can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars. I’m immunocompromised, and work with the public. Thank you for helping me do my best to stay safe.

  41. M.C.

    Excellent customer service and fantastic product quality. It was worth the wait. These are very breathable in comparison to my previous style of N95. Excellent seal. Thanks.

  42. susie

    Excellent and N95 comfortable masks. Fit very securely.
    Like the they are individually wrapped.
    Prompt and efficient service from UNITED CANADA INC.

  43. Gord

    Great product, great service. Thanks

  44. Richard Eberhardt

    You can immediately tell the difference from all those other masks. Also, great service product shipped and arrived before the expected date.

  45. Sandra

    Excellent product!

  46. MP

    These masks are a great, tight fit–wish the elastic were a bit less rigid than rubber bands on the back–they’re a little tight. The woven material is of very good quality, very breathable, better than any previous ones. Nose clip, however, doesn’t fully prevent eye glass fogging. Customer service / communication was excellent, backlog not too long, packaging and shipping quick and excellent. These masks are made at 3M in the US, certified N-95, so no worries about efficacy or authenticity. Now that the US is giving away these N-95 masks for free, I wish we had the same options here.

  47. PAT

    Great customer service. Delivered sooner than quoted. Great product excellent fitting and made in North America.

  48. Debbie

    Second time ordering these incredible Masks! Superior quality, fit and seal.
    Thank-you to United Canada for providing such wonderful products and for the
    always excellent service! I highly recommend this Company and these 3M products.

  49. Eric

    Quick and trustworthy transaction. Hesitated at first to place order as was not familiar with merchant, but they delivered as promised. The 3M mask are originals and exactly what we were looking for. Highly recommend.

  50. Twee

    Excellent fit and breathable! This N95 mask fits smaller faces, is soft, and comfortable to wear. I had used the 3M 1860 (small size) N95s while working at the hospital and those were not as breathable as these ones. Service from United Canada was as per usual stellar! Had ordered several more boxes of these N95 masks and had highly recommended them to my family and friends!

  51. BGF

    The best mask for comfort – have tried many.
    The fit is excellent
    This is our go-to mask, hands down

  52. Sue

    Great masks that check all the boxes during COVID. United Canada website and communication were great.

  53. Keith L

    Great service, very comfortable masks, prompt delivery.

  54. Carol L.

    Most comfortable fit and best protection during this time. Thank you United Canada for your service.

  55. Morrie

    Thanks United for great service and price. Top notch quality masks from 3M as expected.

  56. Min Qian

    Great service and amazing product!

  57. Marni Gauthier

    Very good product.
    Very happy with United Canada in general.
    Website easy to use.
    Selecting items, ordering, shipping and billing all are good too.
    3rd time ordering and goods have always arrived as scheduled

  58. Cam

    Great masks, affordable, a good business.

  59. Kevin

    Excellent transaction. Masks are great. Pickup was smooth.

  60. mariemetcalfe

    We all know how important it is to wear proper particulate respirator masks these days. For many, securing them is a nightmare and cost is prohibitive.

    We bought a case of 3M Canada particulate respirator masks primarily for ourselves and family members. Then, for cost only, we offered bags of 20 masks – at cost price only- to our neighbours (see photo). This was a fair amount of work, but an excellent way for a group of people to be better protected and share in the case price. Our family and neighbours were so appreciative.

    United Canada, whose fair pricing; excellent customer service and reliable delivery made it easy to protect ourselves and the people we care about.

    Marie Metcalfe

  61. Rick

    Great service during this pandemic period. Fast online chatting service to react the order, but I can not find this service this time, I hope it is not crashed by those huge amount orders.

  62. Cristy

    I want to say your customer service is great! I contact them a few times by chat as I upgraded the order and they always helped me promptly with great manners, thank you! The delivery also was fast . This is my second time buying masks and always is a great service and masks are high quality. I recommend United Canada.

  63. Nancy

    Bought a box of 20. Great mask. Easy to breathe and good seal around face. Excellent service.

  64. Terry

    These were received in good time. The quality of these masks is very evident, and they are comfortable as they allow more space inside the mask, and thus are good when you need to have a mask for an extended period of time. Case in point, I sat in an emergency room at the hospital yesterday for an unrelated issue and was so thankful to have this one because I wore it for 5 hours straight. Not to mention the added protection. I would recommend them for sure.

  65. Jen K

    So happy with these masks. Fit is the best I’ve tried short of elastomeric respirators, giving me extra confidence in my protection. Pleasantly surprised by how quickly they shipped despite being on backorder at the moment I purchased.

  66. Steven

    Arrived just in time for the Omicron variant. I’m happy to be able to get the best protection available once again.

  67. RB

    Having now used this mask, I am more than pleased. The fit is excellent, resulting in nil air leakage. Customer service is outstanding. I have recommended this company to others.

  68. Robert Scholefield

    These are the masks to have. You have to make sure it’s fitted on correctly , I was having an issue with that but my wife straightened me out and now no problem. Can be used multiple times based on conditions- read the instructions. They provide great protection and a great sense of security against Covid. Package of 20 available , I just ordered more. Based on features and performance I think they are a bargain.

    Rob S. Montreal

  69. I.B.

    Great masks. N95 and very comfortable to wear. Great service from United.

  70. Tracey Thompson

    Great product! Excellent fit & seal!
    Fast shipping even after being placed on back order.
    Very impressive all round.

  71. D.L.

    They masks are excellent quality and I feel much safer when wearing these.

  72. Patricia Duffy

    I haven’t yet used my masks but I wanted to complete this survey based on your stellar customer service. Delivery was very fast and when I had to call with regard to a mistake I had made on my order, my concern was handled professionally and promptly. I was very pleased and have already passed on your information to a few friends.

  73. Jim

    Excellent affordable N95 NIOSH approved mask and not made in China

  74. Elfa

    These are good masks but $655.60 per purchase is not affordable for individuals. I hope United Canada sold them in smaller packs so the genral public (and not only companies) can afford to buy.

  75. NS

    Great service and amazing product! They did offer smaller bundle previously but at a higher price. With this price for 440 is totally worth it! Supplies for relatives too!

  76. N.M.

    My favorite respirator to wear during Covid!

    Wish it was sold in smaller packages as 440 pieces at once is unaffordable.

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