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Discover the Benefits of Crutches for Exceptional Support

When it comes to mobility aids, crutches are standard as reliable tools that help you shift weight from your legs to your upper body. Included in these are forearm crutches, also known as elbow crutches, which are normally composed of sturdy materials like metal or plastic. Users slide their forearms into a secure cuff and grip a comfortable handgrip. Read More

The Ideal Support: Buy Crutches in Canada

If you’re on a quest for quality crutches in Canada, look no further than UCI. We offer a diverse range of crutches developed to meet your distinctive needs.

Why Choose Crutches?

Healthcare experts across Canada often suggest high-quality crutches to patients seeking relief from knee, foot, ankle, and hip pain. Crutches also help in the healing process for muscle and nerve damage, as well as strains. Walking with the best forearm crutches or elbow crutches improves control and minimizes threats.

These versatile crutches allow prolonged use without inducing tiredness and are valuable for varied leg injuries, comprising of fractures, paralysis, muscle/nerve damage, strains/sprains, and post-operative restoration following hip, knee, or ankle surgeries.

Study Our Diverse Range

At UnitedCanada, we offer a vast selection of crutches, containing forearm, elbow, and leg crutches. Our products are not only affordable but also weightless and sturdy, making them crucial medical equipment for seniors, individuals with disabilities, and those facing mobility challenges.

From bariatric and pediatric crutches to aluminum models, shoulder support, and adult crutches, we have your requirements covered. We even provide crutches tailored to specific conditions:

Crutches for Adults:

Choose from our selection of folding crutches for grown-ups, created to enrich mobility and freedom.

Crutches for the Elderly: 

Our crutches cater to the unique demands of seniors, delivering peace and support.

Crutches for the Disabled: 

We provide crutches developed to adapt to individuals with disabilities, facilitating safe activity.

Crutches for Kids:

Ensure that your children can move independently with our specially created crutches for kids and children.

The Significance of Height and Fit

It’s important to confirm that your crutches are the proper height and fit for you. This prevents aches, pain, and potential health risks. Here’s how to define the correct fit:

  • Stand Tall: Wear your shoes and stand up straight.
  • Correct Positioning: Place the crutches underneath your arms and let your arms go naturally over them.
  • Proper Clearance: There should be a 2-3 finger-width gap between your armpit and the top of the crutch.
  • Proper Hand Grip: Adjust the hand grips to align with the level of your wrist.

Investing in quality crutches and securing a proper fit can create a world of difference in your mobility, overall health, and comfort. Choose United Canada for THE BEST crutches in Canada and experience the freedom of movement with confidence.

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