How To Wear Safety Glasses With Earmuffs

When you consider safety gear for a construction worker, the first two things you may think of might be safety glasses and earmuffs. Many might take these items for granted, but they make up a core part of site safety.

Almost every year, accidents occur in the construction industry, and often, it is because of improper safety glasses and earmuffs. Employees are expected to wear these safety gear to minimize their exposure to dangers on the job. They must be worn every time. It is also important that safety personnel are always on-site to implement safety needs and that every staff has adequate training before they are allowed to work on-site.

Why are safety goggles and earmuffs important?

Safety goggles protect particles from getting into workers’ eyes, especially when dealing with dangerous materials. While earmuffs are very popular instruments that help to protect the ears from loud noises, they primarily help minimize high-frequency noise. These two pieces of protective equipment are necessary when it comes to preventing injuries from occurring in the workplace.

A lot of injuries and accidents can be prevented if safety glasses and earmuffs are well-fitted, perfectly matched for the job at hand, and worn by everyone working in high-risk areas.

Do earmuffs work with glasses?

This tends to be a frequently asked question among workers engaged in high-risk jobs.The simple answer is Yes. You must ensure that the earmuffs are properly centred across your head and that the seal is tight. You can adjust the headband to fit you so that the earmuffs are properly snug around your head. It is important to check your earmuffs in case of any crack, tears or other signs that it has been used before wearing them, and ensure that your ears are covered properly with the cups provided.


How to wear earmuffs with safety glasses

There are different ways to put on your earmuffs with safety glasses, and there are earmuffs for those who generally wear eyeglasses. Here is how you can comfortably put on your earmuffs with safety glasses;

  • If the tightening intensity of your earmuffs is very strong, you should widen them
  • Don’t forget to wear a smaller lens frame. If you put on lenses with a narrow frame, the surface area pressing against the skin will be lower. This ensures that the pressure mounted on the ear tissue and temporal bone is not very solid
  • Place your earmuffs in a comfortable position
  • Choose a better ear foam for comfort
  • Pick earmuffs that suit your safety glasses to enhance your comfort


5 Best Safety Glasses for Earmuffs

Here are the best safety glasses for earmuffs that workers can use to help protect their eyes against dangerous objects on the job.



These safety glasses can be used with a complementary 3M™ Technology for proper protection. With the Corded Control System (CCS) in it, these glasses have unique slots in the arms to join corded ear protection, which is sold differently to help keep them and ready at your discretion.

Pick the uniqueness of 3M™ Solus CCS Series Safety Glasses and return to your work safely. When the temperature of the workplace changes, most safety glasses start to fog, causing blurry vision. The 3M™ Solus CCS Series Safety Glasses, on the other hand, come with anti-fog coating on both lenses to prevent workplace dangers. These glasses also make the earmuffs sit comfortably on your head without much stress.


These glasses are customizable in their fit, type and use. The adjustable ratchet temples give workers the liberty to position it however they like. Its several lens colors and coating also helps workers build proper eye protection.


This set of safety glasses functions as smoothly as it looks. Adding a sophisticated style with the suitability of safety glasses. These safety glasses are properly fitted with a nice nose bridge and temple tips that allow you to use them indoors and outdoors. They are comfortable and can be worn throughout the day. Being able to wear this safety glass with earmuffs that are comfortable too makes it a great choice.

  • 3M SecureFit 400X Protective Safety Glasses


The 3M secureFit protective glasses provide models with fashionable colors, the availability for PDT (Proprietary Pressure Diffusion Temple) which enhances comfort, and a contoured brow guard that provides added protection from dangerous particles.


This eye shield comes with platinum anti-scratch, and it also has an anti-fog coating with an ultra-sporty design and customizable temple. The Bolle safety glasses offer a panoramic field of vision. They are delivered with a sports cord and perfectly fit with earmuffs.

Things to consider before buying safety glasses and earmuffs

When it comes to purchasing safety glasses and earmuffs, there are important factors to consider, especially when looking for reliable products like 3M safety glasses Canada. Firstly, prioritize protection by ensuring that both the glasses and earmuffs meet the necessary safety standards and certifications. Look for features like impact resistance, UV protection, and adjustable frames for a secure fit. Additionally, consider comfort and durability for prolonged use. Check for cushioning, lightweight materials, and adjustable headbands on earmuffs. Lastly, factor in your specific needs, such as lens tint options or compatibility with other safety equipment. Conduct thorough research to find the ideal 3M safety glasses and earmuffs that meet your requirements for workplace safety.

  • Comfort

Safety glasses and earmuffs are required to be very comfortable, having little or no pressure points on the nose bridge, your ears, or the sides of your head. For safety glasses, you should look for a frame with a combination of hard and soft elements, while for earmuffs, you should go for something that suits your safety glasses.

  • Fit

It is important to note that a one size frame does not fit everyone; hence, you should look for safety glasses and earmuffs that fit properly. The safety glasses should be close to your face with no gaps, and they should also be able to stay in place even when there is constant movement of the head.

  • Performance

It is crucial to look out for this feature when getting safety glasses. Get a lens design that has polished optical quality. It can help minimize blind spots, headaches and even tiredness.

  • Style

There is a constant need to look good and feel good about yourself at work. Therefore, ensure that your safety glasses and earmuffs are not just protected but also stylish.

What is the highest noise reduction for earmuffs?

The Noise Reduction Rating for earmuffs is from 20 and 31 dB. So when purchasing one, make sure you are aware of the noise reduction ratings so you don’t buy the ones that don’t fit.

Workers are expected to use hearing protection at work for their safety at all times. It may look like common sense to always have your earmuffs on at work, but you will be surprised at how many people don’t wear theirs. The best way to ensure comfort while wearing earmuffs is to buy the one that fits.

Working in construction has always been risky… Owning a pair of safety glasses and earmuffs prevents you from harming yourself while working.